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SOMA Smart Shades 2

The most advanced window shades automation device
Price: £129.00
In Stock. Ships from the UK. FREE Delivery within 1-2 business days. See Shopping Guide for the details.
Automate your shades in 3 minutes - easy to set up, Android and iOS support, set daily or weekly triggers to move the shades based on time of day, sunset/sunrise or light conditions.
You'll spend 90 days stuck in traffic jams during your life. And 40 days opening and closing your window shades
We can't change the traffic but we can automate your window shades

Smart got Smarter
SOMA Smart Shades 2

4x faster motor and built-in smart features like Sunrise & Sunset mode, Quiet Morning & Light Sensing, bring
SOMA Smart Shades 2 to a next level

What Makes SOMA Smart Shades 2 Unique

  • Fast Motor

    Up to 4x times the speed compared to the previous model

  • Quiet Morning Mode

    Morning Mode enables slowly opening the shades and keeps the noise level inaudible

  • Mobile App Control

    Control multiple windows and rooms from one mobile app

  • Voice Commands

    SOMA Smart Shades 2 + SOMA Connect = voice control with Apple Siri, Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa

  • Schedule Automation

    Set daily or weekly schedules to automate each room

  • Sunrise & Sunset Mode

    SOMA Smart Shades 2 can automatically operate based on local sunrise and sunset

  • Light Sensing AI

    SOMA Smart Shades 2 can automatically lower or raise window shades according to light conditions

  • Solar Powered

    SOMA Smart Shades 2 is solar powered with built-in lithium battery

  • Built-in Battery with USB Charging

    The strong built-in lithium battery can last up to 30 days

One solution for all blinds and shades

Smart Shades is compatible with any shade or blind that has a beaded chain or cord loop.

Looking to automate venetian blinds? Check out SOMA Tilt.

Easy to install

1. Feed the chain to the gear
2. Attach the Smart Shades to the wall
3. Download the app and configure
4. All done - control with a smartphone or automate

Control with a smartphone

Move your shades to a desired position with a slide of your finger.

Set the position for an individual shade or adjust it for a group of shades simultaneously.

Automated scheduling

Smart Shades has a built-in timer which can be used to automate opening and closing of your shades at specified times and days.

Solar powered
Built-in battery

Smart Shades comes with a solar panel which can be used for charging in case there is no wall socket near your window.

Alternatively, USB charging is also available. One charge is enough for a month, or you can leave the adapter connected for convenience.

Apple Siri
Amazon Alexa
Google Assistant
Samsung SmartThings
Home Assistant

Control your shades using your favourite voice assistant or home automation platform (Requires SOMA Connect).

Try it out risk free for 30 days

Simple 30-day return policy. Try it risk-free and if you don’t absolutely love it we'll give you a full refund.


Customer Reviews

Based on 190 reviews
Simon Smith
Awesome kit

I’ve 7 smart shades devices now and a soma connect. All work brilliantly and are all set on a schedule via Alexa. The motors need charging about one a month but it’s a very quick and easy process. Would recommend the devices and have had nothing but excellent service from the customer services team - they are brilliant!!

Dan Babineau
Works well!

I like these wifi blinds. The only thing I can think of to make them better is to have manual buttons for up and down when you don’t have your phone with you. Otherwise great product.

Mark Van De Beek
Great product

I was looking for a motor to automate the shades in the kitchen for quite some time now and after trying a few that turned out not to be so good, I ordered the Soma Smart Shades 2 with a black friday discount and I am not disappointed. The speed of the motor, the ease of the application and the options for the more demanding users are great! I am also a user of Apple Home and Home Assistant and the fact that you can built your own Soma Connect is a great plus! You don't need to have the Connect, but it provides you the option to add the Smart Shade into your smart home controller.

The motor of the Smart Shade can be noisy if you want the shades to go up or down quickly but the morning mode is very quite, but obviously slower. I would love to see a add-on of Soma Connect for Home Assistant Supervised, but for now a stand-alone connect is working fine as well. The provided solar panel or the option to charge the battery via an USB charger is providing multiple charging options for the Smart Shades 2 which is also great. Great product, great integrations and worth the money

An awesome device for a retro smart home shades

This is one of the best product used for home automation that is working flawless since July 2020. I am using it with soma connect with google and is working seamlessly since then. I bought two Soma Smart Shades 2 with Soma Connect and I am happy to have installed such quality product shipped from Estonia to India. I am ordering more for my other shades also. The company has an awesome customer support and address to query promptly.

David Houston
Do not hesitate

The mark of a good company is what they do when things go wrong. This isn’t a good company, this is a great company.

I started with 3 blinds and was so impressed (even before the update) that I bought another 3. (Only 3 more to go). Once set up, along with the connect, you can control with Alexa, Google or HomeKit. I use HomeKit along with automations and you genuinely never have to worry about a blind or shade ever again. The automation closes all the blinds (and switches the Philips hue lights on) at sunset every night and opens them all again at sunrise in the morning. You can of course specify a time of your choosing, but using this automation, it changes slightly ever day to keep up with the changing light.

I had an issue with one of the motors. It just stopped working - battery was full, but no movement. A quick trip to their website to report a fault and the wonderful Christine dispatched a new motor which was delivered within a couple of days.

Nowadays it’s a genuinely surprising experience when a company delivers outstanding customer support.

They do !

Fantastic product, fantastic company.

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Questions and Answers

Can I use it with any type of chains?

Smart Shades is compatible with any shade, blind or curtain that has a beaded chain or cord loop.

Looking to automate venetian blinds? Check out SOMA Tilt.

Is it possible to use any type, weight and size of shades?

There are no weight or size restrictions - Smart Shades can move any shade or blind what you are able to pull manually.

The only requirement is that the shade, blind or curtain has a beaded chain or cord loop.

What is the noise level of Smart Shades?

In normal operating conditions Smart Shades is raising your curtains under 50 db which is pretty quiet for a motor. Comparable to light traffic or refrigerator.

Smart Shades has a Quiet Morning mode which opens the shades slowly but quietly.

What options are available for controlling the Smart Shades?

The following options are built into the Smart Shades:

  • - Mobile app control
  • - Automated triggering of movement based on time of day, sunrise, sunset or light conditions
The following options are available when installed together with SOMA Connect:

  • - Apple Siri, Google Home/Assistant, Amazon Alexa voice commands (*)
  • - Home Assistant automations and controls
  • - Local HTTP API for DIY integrations
  • - IFTTT
  • - Samsung Bixby voice commands and SmartThings scenes and automations, SmartThings enabled buttons and remotes
  • - Google Home routines, Google Home enabled switches
  • - Amazon Alexa routines, Amazon Alexa enabled switches
(*) Siri voice commands are available in all languages supported by Apple. Google Home/Assistant voice commands are available in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian and Spanish. Amazon Alexa voice commands are available in English and in German.

Which smartphones are compatible with the Smart Shades?

Smart Shades is currently compatible with iOS and Android phones and tablets.

How many Smart Shades devices SOMA Connect can control?

SOMA Connect can control unlimited number of Smart Shades devices.

What is the wireless range of the Smart Shades?

Smart Shades has an operation range of about 130ft/40m.

Can I control the Smart Shades on multiple phones?

Yes, once the initial setup is done, all your family members can pair their phones with Smart Shades.

Chain/cord type specifications

Find out if your blind has a beaded chain or a plain cord. In the case of a beaded chain, find out how many beads/balls there are per inch (2.5 cm). Below measurements are approximate, choose the one that suits the best. When in doubt, contact our support, we are happy to assist.

Beaded chain - standard beads

Most of the blinds with a beaded chain have balls which diameter is approx. 3/16 in / 4.5 mm. This means there are around 4 balls per 1 in / 2.5 cm.

There is also a variation which has extra spacing between the balls. The 3rd ball starts around 1 in / 2.5 cm.

Beaded chain - large beads

Ball diameter is approx. 1/4 in / 6.3 mm. This means that there are around 2.5 balls and 2 spacings per 1 in / 2.5 cm.

Beaded chain - small beads

Ball diameter is approx. 1/8 in / 3.2 mm. This means that there are around 6 balls per 1 in / 2.5 cm.

Endless loop cord

Plain cord without beads.

Questions? We can help.